Staying true to the PMRE mission of 'Connect. Learn. Grow.', we're pleased to announce our first Springtime professional development event a two-day workshop in one of the most beautiful places on the planet Carmel, California!

Join renowned photographers and educators, Wayne Capili, Tony Colangelo and Fraser Almeida for an immersive workshop experience, with the opportunity to photograph not one, but two architectural marvels. 

This intensive, interactive and highly engaging workshop combines classroom learning with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend several hours in and around two luxurious Carmel properties, applying the skills you’ll have learned, toward capturing portfolio-worthy images.

What Can You Expect?

  • Diverse Approaches to Composition. Tony, Wayne, and Fraser will demonstrate their distinct perspectives on both examining a space and capturing images that effectively tell a story of the home’s “essence”. Seeing such diversity and being able to ask questions of each of them, can expand your toolkit. This, in turn, can breed increased confidence in capturing luxury spaces. 

  • Advanced Editing. Nothing helps you tell a better story for your client than a well-composed image that's been carefully edited to highlight the best features within a given space. Tony, Wayne and Fraser will review numerous techniques from their respective post-processing workflows, including advanced blending modes, leveraging photoshop plug-ins such as the Nik Collection, and expertly blending layers for memorable twilight shots.  

  • A Tour with the Architect. On Day 1, renowned architect, Eric Miller,  will take us on a tour of a home that he has designed, sharing his vision for the home, key design choices and his expectations for the photography.  And, of course, you'll have an opportunity for Q + A. 

  • One-on-One Support. On each shoot day, Tony, Wayne and Fraser will go out of their way to ensure you’ll get personalized attention and support, as you work your way through capturing each house. 

  • Connection. In a world where so many of us work in isolation, there is no way to overstate the importance of fostering relationships that begin at a professional development event like this one.  Such relationships serve as a way to get additional support and insights from colleagues.

Your Instructors

Wayne Capili Interface Visuals - Carmel, CA

Wayne Capili is the primary digital content provider of Interface Visual, a commercial studio based in Monterey, California. Wayne's stunning work is sought after by a wide variety of clients including architects, builders and advertising agencies, as well as luxury real estate agents.

Wayne has devoted a lifetime to his craft. He has been at the forefront of photography education in our field, helping countless photographers improve the look and feel of their images, by applying techniques gleaned from decades in the field and blending them with digital technology,.

Tony Colangelo Tony Colangelo Photography - Victoria, BC

Tony Colangelo is a renowned photographer and educator in our field. He works with some of the most notable architects, interior designers and builders in his marketplace. His images have been an integral part of many award-winning projects in industry-wide competitions for construction and renovation excellence. His work has been featured in numerous magazines, including Dwell, as well as twice being featured in Architectural Photography Almanac.

In 2019, Tony released his popular video tutorial The Art & Science of Great Composition. He is a highly sought-after coach, combining a 30+-year career that, beyond his photography, has included careers as a successful psychotherapist, a senior business executive and as a coach/consultant to senior corporate executives.

Fraser Almeida Luxury Homes Photography - Las Vegas, NV

Fraser Almeida is a Las Vegas-based photographer specializing in luxury real estate, interiors and architecture. Whether projects are local or nationwide, Fraser is sought out for his creative ability, attention to detail, and professionalism. For Fraser, translating 3-dimensional spaces into a 2-dimensional medium requires understanding that the best images are not just about capturing a space; they’re also about telling a story that reflects mood, lifestyle and emotion.

As the founder of Luxury Homes Photography, Fraser leads a team of elite professionals through mentorship, guidance, and ongoing education. He pushes his team and students to learn new approaches that allow him and his team to stay ahead of the current trends in the industry.


Day 1 - Friday, April 12


Shuttle from the hotel to our classroom setting + Time to grab a coffee and a breakfast treat.


Introductions + An overview of effective composition, with specialized info on key considerations when thinking through compositions in a large luxury property.






Clean-up + Travel time to (and set up at) the Eric Miller home


SPECIAL TOUR: Eric Miller provides a unique tour of our photoshoot venue, sharing his vision for the home, insights into key architectural design choices and his expectations for the photography


Photoshoot time


Twilight Photography Key Considerations, Set-up & Shoot


Pack-Up & Travel back to hotel

Day 2 - Saturday, April 13


Shuttle from hotel to our classroom setting + Time to grab a coffee and a breakfast treat.


Editing Workflow, Part 1




Editing Workflow, Part 2






Clean-up + Travel time to (and set up at) the second photo shoot venue.


Photoshoot time at House #2


Pack-Up + Travel back to hotel


  • Why is PMRE offering this new springtime workshop?  By any measure, the workshops that have been run immediately before the PMRE Conference over the past three years have been a huge success! Given PMRE's mission of "Connect. Learn. Grow.", we wanted to extend these types of professional development events, outside of our standard November Conference timeframe -- and the spring seemed like the best time to do that. You'll also note that the workshop has been scheduled on a weekend, to help people minimize their time away from their photography business.

  • How many attendees are expected?  As per their Las Vegas-based workshop immediately before the PMRE Conference in November, Wayne, Tony and Fraser have designed this event for 20 participants.

  • How does the new 'Live in Carmel' workshop, offered by Wayne, Tony and Fraser, differ from the workshop they ran immediately before the PMRE Conference in November? Their highly successful November workshop targets photographers transitioning from shooting core real estate to capturing luxury listings, covering business and marketing topics on top of shooting a luxury Vegas property. This new Carmel-based workshop focuses solely on refining participants' craft, catering to both luxury real estate and architectural photographers. It provides ample time to capture two stunning properties and offers an extensive block of time to observe and discuss each facilitator's editing workflow

  • What photography gear should I bring?  The workshop will allow participants to photograph two amazing properties, with several hours devoted to shooting at each location (including twilight photography at the end of Day 1). Given this time commitment, you should bring the gear you'd normally feel comfortable using when shooting a large, luxury home. Keep in mind, though, that given the size of the homes we'll be shooting, there will be much natural light available to us. As such, bringing too many flashes may not be beneficial. Also, it would not be advisable to rent additional equipment that you don't normally use.

  • Should I bring my laptop? If you find it more efficient to take notes on your laptop, then, yes, please do so. Also, if you have Photoshop and Lightroom on your laptop, you're free to try some of the editing suggestions we'll be offering, in real-time. In any case, the workshop will be providing all participants with pens and paper notepads.

  • Is there a specific airport that I should be flying into?  In terms of flying into a more major airport, you can fly into San José Mineta International Airport (SJC) or San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Keep in mind that San Jose is about 20 miles closer to the workshop locale. You can also fly into the Monterey Regional Airport (MRY) -- although doing so will probably require a connection. As such, it might be hit-and-miss in terms of getting flights into this airport.

  • What about a hotel?  PMRE is pleased to share that a special rate has been negotiated at the Comfort Inn Monterey Peninsula (see the 'Hotel & Lodging' link at the top of this page for more information). It is situated close to the Monterey Airport, which is situated between Carmel and Monterey. The hotel is just 3-4 miles away from either town, so it's an easy Uber ride to each.

  •  What about transportation?  The workshop will be providing a complimentary shuttle from the hotel to the classroom and photoshoot venues, and then back, of course. However, you will need to book and pay for your transportation from/to the airport. Once again, if you visit the 'Hotel & Lodging' link at the top of this page, you'll see a link to a transportation company that comes highly recommended.

  • What else should I consider bringing? The weather on the Pacific coast in spring can be a bit unpredictable! So, it's a good idea to pack layers. That way, you'll have clothing options to stay comfortable, no matter what the weather throws at us.

What Past Attendees Are Saying:


- Registration to the Wayne, Tony, Fraser Carmel Workshop is non-refundable and non-transferable without written consent from the workshop hosts.

- All attendees are *strongly encouraged* to purchase travel/health insurance.

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